What the heck does Thirteenwinks even mean?

What the heck does Thirteenwinks even mean?

Ok, I'll be honest. I cringe a little everytime someone asks me this. I always feel like they are expecting me to share some deep meaningful story about saving orphan puppies or something. But instead it was my old hotmail account name, circa 1999. Born out of my favorite number 13 (super unique I know) and my love of naps (40 winks is slang for taking a nap). So there you have it. Not sure if 12 year old me would have thought that we would be here. But then again, I have always been an entrepreneur at heart so maybe I did.

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane to see the journey of Thirteenwinks shall we?

 Photo of 7 year old me holding a sign that says "buy from me" at our school yard sale

1994 - Elementary School Yard Sale

That's me. I've always been an entrepreneur. 
I created some unique marketing materials to boost sales at a school yard sale. Including this "Buy from me" sign. 
Thirteenwinks at a market
2015 - My first market
 I set up for a market at a local vendor fair. It was not my jam. But a good learning experience. (I also spelled my own business name wrong on my sign...joy) 
2023- Thirteenwinks - Skyline Art
3 kids later, digital art became my outlet. I designed some skylines as a wedding gift and on a whim ordered 10 stickers with the Virginia Beach design. Now here we are!
I may be leaving out one or two things that happened in between all those photos but the bottom line is creating is my passion. And a little bit of that passion goes into every design and product. So now you know how Thirteenwinks came to be, and a bit more about the creator behind the name. Thanks for being here and following along on this journey!
- Carla 
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